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Tangled up in Blues, Dylan and The Beatles.

Edinburgh Fringe, The Space UK, Brighton Fringe, Mole Valley Arts Festival, City of Derry Jazz Festival, Millennium Forum Derry, The Black Box Green Room, Dumfies Royal Theatre, Dorking Halls, The Flowerfield Centre

Brothers Broke specialise in music festivals and shows where they perform an acoustic folk-come-bluesy interpretation of songs by Bob Dylan and The Beatles, as well as delivering insightful commentary about influences, origins and styles of both artists’ songwriting.

These songs and commentary are delivered via two shows: When Judas Met John considers the relationship between Bob Dylan and John Lennon; and Sitting on a Cornflake provides an insight to the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney. Both shows have been excellently reviewed in 2023 and 2022, receiving 5-stars and 4-stars respectively. You can read more about both shows and full reviews below.

“Absolutely Fantastic! A unique and thought-provoking concept” – Sinners Music

“A mesmerising, profound musical show” – Counter Culture

“An informative, peaceful folk festival” – The Student

“Pristine musicianship. Simply a delight for music fans” – The Wee Review

“Charming and effortless performers” – Theatre Weekly

“This duo’s own arrangements gave integrity” – ThreeWeeksEdinburgh

“Far more in-depth than a simple tribute concert. The music is exquisite” – The Wee Review

“Competent musicians telling stories with ease” – The Edinburgh Reporter

“Enjoyable, well done and excellent harmonica work” – NorthwestEnd UK

“Impeccable Folk musicians offer a fresh insightful take” – The Wee Review

As well as Bob Dylan and The Beatles and depending on ambiant venues, Brothers Broke interpret songs by a range of artists including Clapton, JJ Cale, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dire Straits, Neil Young, The Band and Van Morrison.

With tight harmonies and a mellow, acoustic delivery, we play as a duo (guitar, bass, harmonica), trio (+keyboards) or quartet (+drums), depending on venues and desired ambience.

Performances vary from Music Festivals including The Edinburgh Festival (EdFringe), Brighton Fringe, Arts Alive Festival (Dorking Halls Green Room) and DylanFest (Ireland), to hotel venues including the luxurious Chateau de Lartigolle in Toulouse, France, and selected atmospheric bars from Surrey to Belfast.

Brothers Broke are Members of The Alliance of Musicians & Performers.

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EdFringe 2024

After last year’s sellout success and excellent reviews, we are pleased be returning to the Fringe with both shows in August 2024, covering 18 live performances.


EdFringe 2024

Our live shows ‘When Judas Met John’ and ‘Sitting on a Cornflake‘ were very well received and reviewed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 and 2022 and we are returning in 2024 with 18 live performances:
‘When Judas Met John’ – 9 performances.
Aug 2nd to 10th 2024
 @ 18.40
‘Sitting on a Cornflake’ – 9 performances.
Aug 2nd to 10th 2024
 @ 21.20

See Festival Gig Dates page for more info.
You can view videos of previous year’s show on our Live Videos page.

When Judas Met John

About 'When Judas Met John'

Presenting a musical journey alternating between Bob Dylan and The Beatles, Irish duo Brothers Broke adapt and perform a bluesy-come-folk fusion of songs by both artists. This casual and engaging show features the like-minded lyrics of both artists, covering themes of love & jealousy; social attitudes; creativity; and revolution of the mind.

This show is charismatic in its offering of tight and subtle ‘sibling’ harmonies supported by solid acoustic blues guitar and harmonica, adding musical personality and character by way of interpretation of the songs.

Sitting on a Cornflake

About 'Sitting on a Cornflake'

Influenced by the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney, Brothers Broke compare, adapt and perform a unique interpretation of songs by both artists from their Beatles and solo careers.

This alluring acoustic show compares the individual styles and personalities that contributed to a unique partnership that saw both composers constantly driven to better themselves. Brothers Broke modify and present the songs in an acoustic blues and folk style, exploring influence, inspiration and the competitiveness of this collaborative, yet often independent, songwriting partnership.

Review: When Judas Met John
By Sinners Music,
10th August 2023 at EdFringe.

Absolutely Fantastic! Wow! This unique in-person performance of a thought-provoking concept is incredibly well-researched and put together.

The Brothers illustrated the context beautifully – a really good narrative and the quality of music was superb. Their harmonies were absolutely spot-on. I really, really enjoyed it.

Review: When Judas Met John
By Jemima Hawkins, The Student, 
14th August 2023 at EdFringe

This introduction to the intertwined influences of Bob Dylan and John Lennon was an informative, peaceful folk festival.

The brothers’ charisma and precise, intricately woven harmonies added to the endearing character of the show, with new and interesting interpretations of many of the songs adding to the overall intrigue of the performance. To call it a tribute act would be underselling the raw talent on display from this unsuspecting pair.

Review: When Judas Met John
by Pat Harrington,
Counter Culture, 11th August 2023 at EdFringe,.

A mesmerising musical show. It allowed for intriguing juxtapositions. “When Judas Met John: Songs of Dylan and Lennon” is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the power of music to evoke emotions, inspire reflection, and shed light on the socio-political landscape. The interweaving of songs from both Dylan and Lennon was a stroke of genius. Prepare to be moved, enlightened, and entertained as you embark on this musical journey.

Review: When Judas Met John
By Zoë White,
The Wee Review, 10 Aug 2022.

Impeccable folk musicians offer a fresh, insightful take on timeless melodies.

The relationship between Bob Dylan and John Lennon was certainly a complex one. This thorny friendship, with its tangled threads of respect, rivalry and mockery is the subject of Irish duo Brothers Broke’s intimate and informative show When Judas Met John. After the show’s success at last year’s Fringe, twin brothers Tom and Hugh Adams have brought their delicate vocal harmonies and pristine musicianship back to Edinburgh for another year.

With Tom’s intricate guitar-work and Hugh expertly juggling bass guitar and harmonica, the pair perform each song with a lightness of touch… the brothers’ sense of subtlety shines on their tender rendition of Roll On John, Dylan’s poignant 2012 tribute to Lennon.

At other points, the duo weave the two artists’ music together. The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood, for example, is intercut with Dylan’s Fourth Time Around. Similarly, Dylan’s formidable condemnation of the arms industry, Masters of War, is spliced with Lennon’s own protest song Working Class Hero. Emphasising the relevance of their political messaging today, the brothers drive home the righteous, unforgiving anger of both songs in one of the show’s most powerful moments.

When Judas Met John is simply a delight for music fans. Relishing the many nuances and contradictions of the two artists’ unique relationship, the brothers highlight the songwriters’ commonalities – word-play, surrealism, biting political commentary – as well as exploring their differences, such as Dylan’s aloof obscurity compared with Lennon’s raw, introspective honesty. But while far more in-depth than a simple tribute concert, the show never alienates its audience. Whether you’re going along for a thoughtful analysis of two legendary songwriters, or simply to hear some classic melodies reinterpreted in blissful, chilled-out folk, Brothers Broke have got you covered.

Review: Sitting on a Cornflake
By Zoë White, The Wee Review, 15 Aug 2022.

Music’s most legendary song-writing partnership re-examined in chilled-out acoustics.

Following their success at the Fringe in previous years, folk and blues duo Brothers Broke are back in Edinburgh at The Space Triplex with Sitting on a Cornflake, their new show about John Lennon’s musical partnership with Paul McCartney.

The show guides us chronologically through the distinct stages in the professional and personal relationship between the two songwriters. Brothers Broke transform their songs into crisp, featherweight acoustic numbers, held together by their precise, intricately-woven harmonies.

The show begins with Things We Said Today and I’ll Be Back, two tracks from 1964, when Lennon and McCartney were collaborating closely, or in Lennon’s words, ‘writing eyeball to eyeball’. Tom and Hugh Adams certainly know their stuff. Not only are their renditions incredibly well-rehearsed, but they pepper the show with interesting anecdotes about the two Beatles.

The brothers also distinguish themselves from many other tribute acts in their thoughtful choice of songs. Instead of just the obvious hits, it’s refreshing to hear, for example, the late Beatles tracks Two of Us and Don’t Let Me Down, the duo perfectly capturing McCartney’s tender, optimistic lyricism and the strained, bluesy tension of Lennon’s impassioned love song respectively.

The music is exquisite, the performers easy-going, and with the audience joining in for a medley of the two Beatles’ solo hits, the atmosphere is truly heart-warming… you are sure to walk out of this show smiling.

Review: When Judas Met John
By Louise Rodgers, Three Weeks Edinburgh, Aug 2021

A welcome return of this interesting show to the Fringe. This informal yet earnest folk club-like performance was not a tribute to either John Lennon or Bob Dylan, rather it was an exploration, with musical examples, of how Brothers Broke consider that these two artists influenced each other.

There was no attempt to sound like Dylan or Lennon here, and this Irish duo’s own arrangements gave integrity. Like A Rolling Stone was a highlight; it was enjoyable to hear these well-loved songs in the company of fellow enthusiasts with the addition of something to think about!

Brothers Broke, 'When Judas mat John' live at Edinburgh Fringe 2023
Brothers Broke, 'When Judas mat John' Sold Out
Brothers Broke, 'When Judas mat John' Sold Out
Brothers Broke Edinburgh Fringe 2021
Harmonica Hugh at EdFringe 2021
Brothers Broke at The Space Triplex, EdFringe
Brothers Broke at EdFringe 2021


Recorded at Hive Studios in London, we offer our interpretation of two inspirational Beatles songs below: ‘I am the Walrus’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.


Our first recording ‘I am the Walrus’ exemplifies John Lennon at his creative, non-sensical best. With wide-ranging influences including Bob Dylan, Lewis Carroll and Allen Ginsberg, we have overdubbed the music with voiceovers that hint at some of the people and circumstances that influenced the lyrics and musical arrangement of this unique and surreal song.

Our second recording ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is a chilled down acoustic version of Lennon’s raw, emotional self-portrait.

The famous rooftop ‘Let It Be’ footage from street level inspired the imagery for our ‘record covers’ here!

Tom recording at Hive Studios
Stu recording at Hive Studios
Hugh recording at Hive Studios
Reviewing the mix


   Live reels of our shows at EdFringe and Dorking Halls Green Room.


View a 3-minute snippet of our show ‘When Judas Met John’ at the Dorking Halls Green Room in 2023 by clicking on the first image!
Click on any of the other images below to view live reels of our shows at Edinburgh Fringe in 2022; 2021; and 2020 (our virtual Fringe from a field in Surrey).

Reviews: When Judas Met John

By Richard Purden, The Edinburgh Reporter
This is an enjoyable 45 minutes…competent musicians performing harmonies and telling stories with ease. Roll On John performed here was a fitting tribute. The duo deliver a memorable arrangement of I Am The Walrus. It’s not an easy feat to perform such an epic song in a stripped-down manner and retain the original energy of the cut”.

By Theatre Weekly
The brothers, singing and playing both the guitars and the harmonica, are charming and effortless performers. Their voices harmonise almost naturally and you can tell that they really enjoy the music they play. When Judas Met John is an interesting concept”

By NorthWestend UK
An enjoyable 20 minutes – it was well done. Excellent harmonica work. With a bit of luck, I will get to see the full show in Edinburgh next year.

Festival Gig Dates

2024 sees us playing at Edinburgh Fringe, Mole Valley Arts Festival, Sound of Belfast Festival and Dorking Halls.


2024 and 2025 Festival Gig Dates

Sun 2nd June 2024
Old Church Centre, Cushendun, Co Antrim
Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 7.30pm
Buy tickets here

Fri 2nd Aug to Sat 10th Aug 2024
9 performances
Edinburgh Fringe @ Surgeon’s Hall

Theatre 1, Venue 53 
Show (45 mins): When Judas Met John @ 18.40
Buy Tickets here

Fri 2nd Aug to Sat 10th Aug 2024
9 performances
Edinburgh Fringe, Surgeon’s Hall
Theatre 3, Venue 53

Show (45 mins): Sitting on a Cornflake @ 21.20
Buy Tickets here

Sun 8th Sept 2024
The Black Box (Green Room), Belfast
Show (90 mins): Sitting on a Cornflake @ 2.00pm
Buy tickets here

Sat 26th Oct 2024
Arts Alive Festival, Dorking Halls Green Room Theatre

Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 7:30pm
Buy Tickets (On Sale from August)

Sunday 10th Nov 2024 
Sound of Belfast Festival
The Sunflower, Belfast
Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 3.00pm
Buy tickets (On Sale soon)


2025 Festival Gig Dates

Fri 9th May 2025 
The Horton Arts Centre, Epsom, Surrey
Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 7.30pm
Buy tickets (On Sale next year)

Sat 10th May 2025 
The 40th Baldock Festival, Herts
Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 8.00pm
Buy tickets (On Sale next year)

Sun 11th May 2025 
Brighton Unitarian Church
Show (90 mins): When Judas Met John @ 2.00pm
Buy tickets (On Sale at door)

For further ticket information for above events, call Tom on 07557 742515 or email: tom@brothersbroke.com

Brothers Broke live at Edinburgh Festival
Brothers broke live at the BBC
Stage set at Dorking Halls
Brothers Broke Surrey Beer Festival
Julian guesting on keyboards
Brothers Broke live at Dorking Halls
Merv on sound desk
Stage set at Dorking Halls

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