Live Videos

‘When Judas Met John’ – Our ‘Virtually Live’ show of four inspirational songs (two by Bob Dylan, two by John Lennon), performed for TheSpaceUK/EdFest 2020 and for Mole Valley Arts Festival 2020, can be viewed by clicking on the below image, or just click here.

‘When Judas Met John’ aims to portray the like-minded views of Bob Dylan and John Lennon through their songs, and to portray some of their influences.

‘When Judas Met John’ – Trailer.
See below trailer previewing our ‘Virtually Live’ show at TheSpaceUK/EdFest 2020. The full 20-minute video can be viewed above.

‘When Judas Met John’ was recorded live as part of the 2020 ‘Virtual’ EdFest (see above).

Great to do a 40 minute set at the BBC in Edinburgh.

Below videos from Edinburgh Festival 2018 ‘When Judas met John’ show, a musical interpretation of Dylan and Beatles songs.