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Edinburgh Fringe


We are pleased to say that our live show When Judas Met John at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2021 (six nightly performances), was a sellout success and we will be returning in 2022 with two shows:
When Judas Met John – 12 nightly performances.
Sitting on a Cornflake – 12 nightly performances.
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You can view a video of the show below, or go to Live Videos to view individual songs.
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About “When Judas Met John”.

Presenting a musical journey alternating between Bob Dylan and The Beatles, Irish duo Brothers Broke adapt and perform a bluesy fusion of songs by both artists. This casual and engaging 40-minute show features the like-minded lyrics of both artists, covering themes of love & jealousy; social attitudes; creativity; and revolution of the mind.

This show is charismatic in its offering of tight and subtle ‘sibling’ harmonies supported by solid acoustic blues guitar and harmonica, adding musical personality and character by way of interpretation of the songs.

Originally from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland, twin brothers Hugh Adams and Tom Adams premier this show at the Fringe.

• Debut Show
• Bluesy fusion
• Tight harmonies
• Appealing interpretations of Dylan and Beatles songs

View more videos from the show here


Due to Covid 19, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 was cancelled… or was it?
TheSpaceUK at the EdFringe managed to organise a ‘Virtually Live’ online show boasting 80 shows over 3 weeks in August.

‘When Judas Met John’ was one of these shows and it can be viewed directly here.

You can view the 60-second Trailer to the show in our Live Videos page.

Recorded ‘Virtually Live’ in a field in Surrey, Brothers Broke perform two songs by Bob Dylan and two by John Lennon, comparing some like-minded viewpoints through their songs.